Downlite has been a leader in the premium home bedding arena since we were founded in the early 1980's. Formed in 1983, DOWNLITE was an off-shoot of a family Down & Feather processing business. Our focus was bedding and creating great sleep experiences using the finest materials and highest quality craftmanship. Today, that expertise has allowed us to become the leaders in comfort, providing bedding for Home & Hospitality, and the best responsibly-sourced Down & Feather for the Outdoor Apparel market.

We take pride in each step of the process. From consumer and market research to design to development to final marketing and selling, our experts pour years of knowledge and passion into every product we make.

Our goal is to continue to be the industry leader in comfort solutions. And to provide leading innovations that enhance those comfort experiences for each part of your day.

Not only can DOWNLITE® help you create compelling in-store products and experiences for your customers, we can help create a fluid multi-channel experience. In-Store, Mobile, and Online all seamlessly flow thanks to our integrated IT, our flexibility and drop-ship services.

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Our Approach

Creating the right products also means taking into account all the other items that are on the bed. That’s why DOWNLITE® developed the MY COMFORT™ system. Building the bed can be a little different for each person, and there are layers within each product, but we’ve made it easy. Pick the layer(s) you need, and the feature(s) you need to build the ideal bed.

Pillows comprise this layer which provides your head and neck with the proper support.

This layer comprises mattress pads, feather beds, and fiber beds to provide added softness, loft, and/or protection to your mattress.

Comforters, Blankets, and Throws make up this layer to keep you as cozy as possible throughout the night.