DOWNLITE® has been a high quality, innovative producer of bedding for over 30 years. We create the best luxury sleep experiences for nearly every category in utility bedding. We’ve also been delivering great experiences to hotels worldwide.

Guests want a great place to sleep, relax, and play when they travel. The bedroom should provide a tranquil environment that allows them to melt away the day’s stresses. With options for everything from polyester to down and feather, DOWNLITE® can build the right products for your guests.

we help you{r guests} sleep well at night™

Traveling isn’t easy, but creating a great sleep experience for your guests can be. We’re here to help. With years of expertise in creating bedding, your guests will be coming back time and time again.

With the lobby grand and inviting, and the pool area ready for fun in the sun, the bedroom and bed experience can quickly sway a guest’s opinion – so why not create a lush, inviting bed that guests want to return to?