With nearly 100 years of feather and down processing history, DOWNLITE stands apart from all the rest. Our team, with a combined 300 years experience, knows every facet of the industry and our products. We have been trusted for years by top outdoor brands, and our name is synonymous with responsibility, quality, and reliability

We have teams in Asia, Europe, and North America that source material from only the best and most responsible sources. Our processing facility in the U.S.A. washes, sorts, and has an in-house lab to control the end product as much as possible. We use responsible sourced materials, eco-friendly chemicals to sterilize and wash, and constantly make improvements to increase sustainability.

Our goal is to help you (and your customers) stay focused in any situation by providing top-quality natural filling materials and performance fill solutions.

We can supply any quality and grade of down – everything from a basic 525 FP White Duck Down to a 900 Fill Power White Goose Down, feathers, and more. Our capabilities extend to blends with other natural products, such as wool. All of our lots of down are tracked, documented, and tested at least twice by our internal IDFL certified lab.

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Not only do we work in conjunction with well-known outdoor technology companies, such as Nikwax® for hydrophobic water resistant down, and Primaloft® to produce their Primaloft® Down, we also have technologies we worked on in-house, such as x-treme down™ water resistant & antimicrobial, pur-down® anti-microbial, and our industry-first down-trac™ service for traceable down.